Rebozo massage

Rebozo massage is an ancient Mexican technique.

You lie on the floor (where the scarves are spread out in advance) in clothes that are comfortable for you.  And I begin to gently rock, shimmy and wrap the body with the garment, plunging you into a state of deep relaxation, absolute peace.

After relaxing the whole body, there is a gentle stretching of the spine and slight twists.

The vibrations help to ground and start self-healing processes. The experience itself is often reminiscent of being in the womb, followed by a rebirth.

Rebozo helps to:

  • relieve tension
  • improve sleep quality and blood flow
  • strengthen the immune and nervous systems
  • feel safety outside and inside
  • reconnect with yourself

For men, children, women, pregnant women, and those who have recently given birth 🙂

€120/90 min

€150/120 min